Karomoko Dembele – Celtic


Name: Karomoko Dembele

Club: Celtic

Position: RW/LW/AMC/ST

D.O.B: 22/02/2003

Made Senior Debut?: Yes (Celtic)

Nationality: Scottish

Current National Level: Scotland U17 International

Last Season Summary

2018/19 – Dembele initially caused a stir three years ago when he represented the Celtic U20’s of the age of just 13. Now three years on he continued to progress, when making his debut at the age of 16 as a second half substitute against Hearts.

Footy Files expectations this Season

2019/20 – With no disrespect intended towards the Scottish leagues, it is probably the perfect place for Karomoko to start seeing a few more minutes this season at such a young age. The unfortunate side of things being that he plays for by far the best team in the Country, so playing time will be at a premium. If he gets given the nod, hopefully the learning experience he will receive from it will be priceless.

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