Football Index – A New Strategy (Results, pt 3)

In my previous post I wrote about what my plan was, why/how I would be choosing players and what I think will happen. CLICK HERE

Which players did I select?

After a bit of research, I decided on fourteen players across the main five leagues in Europe and purchased £100 worth of futures of each. The players I chose are listed below;

  • Denis Zakaria – 59p – 170 futures.
  • Emil Forsberg – 87p – 114 futures.
  • Gerard Moreno – 72p – 138 futures.
  • Jakub Jankto – 48p – 208 futures.
  • Jan Oblak – 63p – 158 futures.
  • Kieran Trippier – 76p – 15 futures (had a small amount left in the account burning a hole in my pocket. He was on my maybe list)
  • Konrad Laimer – 70p – 142 shares.
  • Lorenzo Pellegrini – 94p – 106 shares.
  • Luis Muriel – 87p – 114 shares.
  • Maximillian Arnold – 87p – 114 shares.
  • Nordi Mukiele – 85p – 117 shares.
  • Sergio Reguilon – 89p – 112 shares.
  • Stefan Lainer – 64p – 156 shares.
  • Willi Orban – 55p – 181 shares.

Each person had a reason behind it. Each player played for a club that was involved in Continental football, and most played for their countries. Other factors came into account too, but I’ll spare you the details (mins played, avg passes made, dribbles, crosses etc.).

The plan is to hold onto these players for their 30 day period, hoping to see their prices grow along with the added bonus of In Play Dividends, and potentially Performance Buzz dividend winners.

What happened?

To be honest, be it beginners luck or decent research prior to selection, I had a good month. Below I’ll detail each individual buy and sell price alone with any dividends they accumulated, followed by a summary of the whole month at the end.

Denis Zakaria – Monchengladbach

Purchased: 59p, 170 shares, £100.30

Sold: 83p, 170 shares, £141.10

Profit/Loss: 40.68%

Dividends: £0.00

Emil Forsberg – RB Leipzig

Purchased: 87p, 114 shares, £99.18

Sold: 91p, 114 shares, £103.74

Profit/Loss: 4.60%

Dividends: £2.28

Gerard Moreno – Villareal

Purchased: 72p, 138 shares, £99.36

Sold: £1.11, 138 shares, £153.18

Profit/Loss: 54.17%

Dividends: £12.42

Jakub Jankto – Sampdoria

Purchased: 48p, 208 shares, £99.84

Sold: 70p, 208 shares, £145.60

Profit/Loss: 45.83%

Dividends: £2.08

Jan Oblak – Atletico Madrid

Purchased: 63p, 158 shares, £99.54

Sold: 65p, 158 shares, £102.70

Profit/Loss: 3.17%

Dividends: £6.32

Kieran Trippier – Atletico Madrid

Purchased: 76p, 15 shares, £11.40

Sold: 97p, 15 shares, £14.55

Profit/Loss: 27.63%

Dividends: £0.15

Konrad Laimer – RB Leipzig

Purchased: 70p, 142 shares, £99.40

Sold: 77p, 142 shares, £109.34

Profit/Loss: 10.00%

Dividends: £0.00

Lorenzo Pellegrini – Roma

Purchased: 94p, 106 shares, £99.64

Sold: £1.40p, 106 shares, £148.40

Profit/Loss: 48.94%

Dividends: £4.24

Luis Muriel – Atalanta

Purchased: 87p, 114 shares, £99.18

Sold: 69p, 114 shares, £78.66

Profit/Loss: -20.69%

Dividends: £1.14

Maximilian Arnold – Wolfsburg

Purchased: 87p, 114 shares, £99.18

Sold: 78p, 114 shares, £88.92

Profit/Loss: -10.34%

Dividends: £3.42

Nordi Mukiele – RB Leipzig

Purchased: 85p, 117 shares, £99.45

Sold: 86p, 117 shares, £100.62

Profit/Loss: 1.18%

Dividends: £0.00

Sergio Reguilon –  Sevilla

Purchased: 89p, 112 shares, £99.68

Sold: 89p, 112 shares, £99.68

Profit/Loss: 0.00%

Dividends: £0.00

Stefan Lainer – Monchengladbach

Purchased: 64p, 156 shares, £99.84

Sold: 63p, 156 shares, £98.28

Profit/Loss: -1.56%

Dividends: £3.12

Willi Orban – RB Leipzig

Purchased: 55p, 181 shares, £99.55

Sold: 70p, 181 shares, £126.70

Profit/Loss: 27.27%

Dividends: £12.67


Not a bad way to start this new method of turning a profit each month. I do think that Football Index’s bonus scheme may have played a factor and next month may provide a truer indicator on whether this approach is worthwhile. But a profit is a profit and I’ll take that.

With the players listed above, both Gerard Moreno and Willi Orban won Performance Buzz dividends for me, and there were copious amounts of In Play Dividends accumulated in the process. Whilst Jan Oblak turned a small profit, I currently fail to see value in goalkeepers.

I bought all futures for a cumulative price of £1,305.54, and sold them all on after a 30-day period for a cumulative price of £1,511.47. During this time the selected players also amassed £47.84 in dividends giving a total profit of £253.77.

That is a 19.44% return of initial investment (prior to Football Index’s 2% tax on sale) in just 30 days. Please find me a savings account that can do this in 30 days for you.

What’s next?

Rinse and repeat. New month, new players however I do see value in a couple of the players listed here. However, I do plan on choosing less players next time as I found it difficult to keep up with all players on match days when trying to keep an eye on injuries. Luckily I was watching the Roma match when Pellegrini got injured and opted to get out as he was getting helped of the pitch.

I have already purchased the players today that I hope can give me good returns for next month. Watch this space.

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